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SAA Board of Directors Host 2nd Annual Progressive Dinner

In April of 2012, members of the SAA Board of Directors had the pleasure of attending their very first Progressive Dinner. A progressive dinner is a dinner party in which each successive course is prepared and eaten at the residence of a different host -- the guests progress from house to house.

This year, 25 members of the SAA board of directors had the honor of attending the 2nd annual Progressive dinner. The first course, the appetizer, was hosted by Alumni Association Board Member and Waffle House Senior Recruiter, Tom Mallory and his wife and GSU alumni, Twaneesa Mallory.  For the main course, members had the honor of having dinner at the home of GSU President Mark Becker and his wife Laura Voisinet, who hosted for the second time. For dessert, Alumni Association Board President, Jay Bernath, welcomed members to his home. This event was a great way for members to connect with Georgia State alumni and our president and to get more insight on the importance of Alumni and student relations to our university and campus. Members also shared more about the mission and purpose of the Student Alumni Association and what we are doing to help change the face of the Georgia State campus.

2013 Progressive Dinner Hosts

1st Course- Appetizer
Hosted By Tom & Twaneesa Mallory (GSU Alumni)
Alumni Association Board Member & Waffle House Senior Recruiter



Main Course- Dinner
Hosted By President Mark Becker & First Lady Laura Voisinet 


Final Course- Dessert
Hosted By Jay Bernath
Alumni Association Board President
President of C&S Wholesale Meat Co.


To see all the photos from the 2013 Progressive Dinner, Click Here.

If you would like the opportunity to be a part of this historical event, apply to be on the SAA Board of Directors.


To see the photos from the 2012 Progressive Dinner, Click Here.

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